The customer is a corporation facilitating Land and Infrastructure for Industry promotion in the state for micro, small, medium, large and mega industries. The prime business involves development of Industrial Estates with ready-to-use infrastructures, Land Acquisition for Industry purpose, Construction and management services for civil, electrical and public health engineering projects.


Land Acquisition, allotment, project execution process involves series of internal and state regulated committees to arrive at the decision making proceedings. The prevailing process involved manual intimation, meeting schedule, minutes of meeting etc. Collaboration of relevant documents was a cumbersome task and prone to security breach for sensitive information. A lot of manual effort was spent in collaborating the documents, duplication for distribution, filing same copies in various offices. File procedure was completely manual and involved in physical movement of documents through offices consuming a huge amount of time.


The Leads of the various applications currently being used, participated in Working Group meetings with AASHDIT in identifying IT artifacts, interfaces and built a repository of common re-usable artifacts. Armed with this information, AASHDIT was able to propose a TO-BE process.

AASHDIT proposed the use of a Customized software which is a combination of Meeting management with Calendar integration & Document management system as its backbone and called the overall software as Board Management System. This Customized application helped the client in better preparing for meeting with all required and important document arranged in just click of few buttons. Meeting invites and Confirmation procedure becomes a walk in the park. Calendar management helped the client in booking an available time slot and meeting room/halls for booking. Voting, Taking resolution, assigning actionable items to respective person and Taking down MOM becomes very easy. After meeting sharing of documents/files, MOM, Voting results etc. became an easy task. Getting Approval for a task/Document became easy due to the implementation of Hierarchy based approval system. Board management System helped the client in File searching and Tracking which used to be a cumbersome task.

The new application is built using Java, spring, Servlet using MySQL server as the database.


The Approach taken by AASHDIT to find a Solution for the customer’s specific challenges ensured that the solution developed is completely user-friendly and hassle-free. This helped the client to move on from the Register system to Automated Software solution which can be accessed from any place through the internet.

Agile Developmental Methodology was used to ensure turnaround time for change requests were less than typically 8 hours. The end users always had a preview of what was to be delivered and could validate the application in time. Thus there were no long UAT periods when both Development and Customer resources would be fully blocked or unused.

Secondly, using this application client could see the value adds in optimum resource utilization, better results etc.