The Customer is the governing body of the city municipal corporation. The main functions of the governing body are constructing health centers, educational institutes, schools and periodic maintenance of the houses.


The heart of the business and the major challenge was, How to maintain daily attendance of the worker in a particular ward. There was no way to validate the attendance taken by the Supervisor appointed to that particular ward. So he was able to fake the no. of working.

Another challenge that the client had to face was to keep track of the workers working under the system. The client was using age-old register system to keep track of new worker enrollment, daily work assignment and attendance.

Because of the age old way of keeping data, it was difficult to take out report when asked by higher authorities and there is a great chance of miscalculation in the report that was made.


The Leads of the various applications currently being used, participated in Working Group meetings with AASHDIT in identifying IT artifacts, interfaces and built a repository of common re-usable artifacts. Armed with these information, AASHDIT was able to propose a TO-BE process.

Aashdit proposed the use of Biometrics Device integrated with an Android app to manage the daily attendance of the Worker and the supervisors. As the biometric system is almost accurate in identifying a person once the fingerprint is stored at the time of enrollment.

The android is designed and coded in such a way that it will send location co-ordinates of each and every worker along with their attendance information. This will solve the faking issue which arises when no. of actual worker working Vs no. of worker shown in record are matched.

A new application was built using Java, spring, Servlet and Android using MySQL server and SQL Lite as the database. This application provides a unified view of various aspects of the daily operations such as Daily Attendance Record, Worker and Supervisor Management, Generating reports of Wages per month etc.


The Approach taken by AASHDIT to find a Solution for the customer’s specific challenges ensured that the solution developed is completely user friendly and hassle-free. This helped the client to move on from the Register system to Automated Software solution which can be accessed from any place through the internet.

Agile Developmental Methodology was used to ensure turnaround time for change requests were less than typically 8 hours. The end users always had a preview of what was to be delivered and could validate the application in time. Thus there was no long UAT periods when both Development and Customer resources would be fully blocked or unused.

Secondly, using this application Municipality could see the value adds in optimum resource utilization, better results etc.