The application has been developed for the Directorate of Sports and Youth affairs and Directorate of Art & Culture of a State Government in northern India.

The concerned departments have always wanted to promote and increase the participation of the citizens of the state in the field of sports and culture and to offer help and advice wherever possible.

Citizens/public, players, artists and institutions can take advantage of Different benefit schemes offered by the concerned departments.


The business challenge was there in the user management as there have been wide array of users like Admin, Directors, Additional directors, assistants, section officers, Selection committee members and its Chairman.

Also there has been multiple role based permissions like Administrator, Author, Review, Editor, Publisher etc. to the users.

As the proposed solution was to be for portal, there have been components which were subjected to frequent changes. Major functionalities like Font Formatting (type, size, color, style, bold, italics), Text Formatting (like alignments, Indentations, bullets etc.), Cut/Paste, Image insertion, Upload of Images & documents. User with publish permission can publish the content by viewing the pending list of tasks. That means a proper Content Management System should have been in place.

There have been challenges for publishing News and Events. The application should be having facility to accept news and announcement titles, detailed news and announcement text and dates between which the news/events items should be displayed on the site. Blogging and Online Polling were also required to be supported.Also there has been the challenge for the portal to support regional language.

The major challenges were there also for supporting e-Services. There have been numerous forms for different benefit schemes for the players, artists, instructors, trainers, Sports & Cultural institutions. Booking of infrastructures like Auditoriums, Play grounds, Community halls/premises, stadiums etc. was to be supported.


AASHDIT along with its consultants did a detailed analysis of the AS-IS process. This helped in identifying needs of the different department. Information were gathered by meeting with the stakeholders and bottlenecks were identified and areas for improvement in the process were also sorted out. Suggestions and feedbacks were also noted for improvements.

The LIFERAY way: - The gathered information were processed and the technology for the development was evaluated. From multiple alternatives, the Life ray was chosen as the ultimate web application framework on which the development of the TO BE solution was proposed.

A new application was built using Liferay-6.2-ce-GA1 portal, Tomcat-7.0.42 as the application server, Spring 3.0 as the business layer, Hibernate 3.0 as the Data Access Layer, AlloyUI 2.0 as the Presentation Layer, and MySql-5.0 as the DB.


The Approach taken by AASHDIT to find a Solution for the customer’s specific challenges ensured smooth management of contents and data of the Departments. The Process Flows of different benefit schemes made available online helped the departments to faster processing and proper organization of their work and decision making. The monotonous huge manual paper works along with the validations processes associated with the benefit schemes were also nullified.