The Customer is a leading provider of a range of home healthcare services and products, including CPAP supplies, Oxygen therapy, Sleep therapy and respiratory illness related medical supplies.

The current customer / patient base is around a million within the United States of America


The heart of the business, which is to ensure timely and adequate delivery of medical supplies to its patients, was being hampered by having silos of applications that were poorly integrated. The time to implement and roll out new business decisions to all stakeholders could not be achieved in a centralized and controlled manner.

The Customer Service Representatives have to make decisions about delivery and logistics that are at times not in compliance with the business rules. Due to the nature of the industry there are frequent changes in business rules

Because of the Silo like nature of the applications, there is no single unified view of all the customers/patients, their orders and the order pipeline. Integration with Suppliers and Vendors is currently a semi-automated process, making it difficult to collaborate with business partners.


AASHDIT along with a local American Partner did a detailed analysis of the AS-IS process. This helped in identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement in the process. Customer Service Representatives were asked about the various issues they faced in daily operations. The feedback was noted for improvements.

The Leads of the various applications currently being used, participated in Working Group meetings with AASHDIT and its Partner in identifying existing IT artifacts, interfaces and built a repository of common re-usable artifacts. Armed with these information, AASHDIT was able to propose a TO-BE process.

A new application was built using SharePoint 2013 and ASP.Net MVC 5, Web API 2.2 using a SQL Server 2012 server as the database. This application provides a unified view of various aspects of the daily operations such as Customer Onboarding, Order Management, Delivery and Logistics, Route Planning etc.

Automated extracts of data to Suppliers and vendors are being provided using SQL Server Integration Services as the ETL Tool.


The Approach taken by AASHDIT to find a Solution for the customer’s specific challenges ensured that the good parts of the current system were retained and re-used. This prevented a mono-lithic rewrite of the application, which would have taken more Time To Finish and contributed to the application budget overrun.

Agile Developmental Methodology was used to ensure turnaround time for change requests were less than typically 8 hours. The end users always had a preview of what was to be delivered and could validate the application in time. Thus there was no long UAT periods when both Development and Customer resources would be fully blocked or unused.

Secondly, using this application senior management could see the value adds in optimum resource utilization, better customer service etc.